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It is our pleasure to care for your children by providing them with an emergent curriculum that celebrates where they’re at now, while encouraging them to flourish and to grow. As partners in the child care field, we strive to work together with parents, children, and other child care professionals to best meet the needs of your children.

Emergent Curriculum

Our curriculum is based upon research that determines that children learn best when the curriculum reflects their interests, strengths, and needs. Our educators work to teach their students the skills they will need for the future by following the children’s lead now, and always challenging their skills to keep growing.

Early Childhood Educators

Our early childhood educators are dedicated and passionate about guiding children’s learning in the early years. They are life-long learners invested in providing a rich and inspiring curriculum that encourages learning and individuality in each child.

Why should you enroll your child in one of our centres?


We have two child care centres located within South-West Calgary. They are easily accessible, and are located near several parks and elementary schools. We also offer transportation to near-by schools for children enrolled in kindergarten.


Children need a healthy and balanced diet in order to grow healthily in both mind and body. Our rotational menus have been crafted with this in mind, and are prepared by in-house cooks every day.


We are located in the Springbank Hill area.

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